What Is a Sensory Child?

  • Bright lights or flashing/flickering lights can hurt my eyes. I may cry or try to cover my eyes.
  • I may cover my ears when I hear loud noises or a selection of lots of loud noises I can’t filter. I sometimes wear earmuffs to help with loud noises.
  • It can be hard to pay attention or focus. I struggle to wait and can have a meltdown.
  • I don’t like places that have big crowds, like shopping centres.
  • I may seek deep pressure eg to be hugged and squeezed. Sometimes I wear tight clothing or specialised clothing to give me enough pressure.
  • I may not like having my hair brushed, washed or having a haircut. Also I might not like my nails being clipped.
  • I may be non-verbal or have delayed speech and language.
  • I may have echolalia, which is the repeating of someone’s words or sentences/quotes from movies I have seen. Sometimes they are used inappropriately.
  • I may smell things inappropriately like people, hands and toys. I can have a very heightened sense of smell.
  • I can have high tolerance for pain.
  • I may have poor coordination or gross motor skills, like running and riding a bike. I may also walk a lot on my tiptoes.
  • I may flap my hands or stim.
  • When it comes to feelings, I may struggle with emotions and empathy and how to use them.
  • I can have no personal awareness of body space.
  • I may be literal and also have no filter to what I might say. I don’t pick up on social cues.

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